Zarra Of House Aleanrret

Half-Elf (Drow) 11th Level Bard

S 15
I 12
W 15
D 19
C 15
Ch 19
AC -4
Move 12
HP 71
#AT 1

Bow+3, Arrows, Arrows +3 , Dagger +1, Dagger +3, Dagger +1 (Poison), Lute of Bards



How Zarra even came to be, is a mystery that only the Deities would be able to explain. Or just pure randomness, Zarra personally preferred that than the later. Born from lowly Low Blood Drow and a traveling human theft, Zarra was constantly reminded of her ‘disgusting’ heritage. Knowing that the very Goddess of her people hated her very life.

Growing up, the only Drow to ever showed Zarra any kind of kindness; was a female Drow named Elerra. It was Elerra that taught the young half-Drow how to sing and play the lute. Elerra would speak of ideals of kindness and love. Both talking about the familiar voice that spokes to them in their dreams. Then one day, Zarra learned of Elerra’s death in the hands of a Low Blood Male Drow. After all, Elerra displayed her back during sex. A sign of suicidal Drows. It was then when Zarra learned to never allow anyone to see her vulnerable.

At age thirteen, The Noble House Aleanrret took interested in the half-drow’s incline to music. Zarra was adopted and made to study music farther and entertain the nobility nightly. Zarra learned that gossiping, backstabbing both figuratively, and literally were normal in the higher noble court. Bloodshed is the only way to move up the social ladder into higher power. While living in House Aleanrret, Zarra learned she too shared a deep love for the finer things in life such as jewelry, and lush dresses similar to her father. In court known for her beauty, wit, clever, and melodic voice allowed her to create a few useful bonds with other members of the court. One must learn how to take advantage of all their situations.

Zarra knew at any moment House Aleanrret would grow bored of her. At age eighteen, Zarra packed a bag with clothes, her favorite dress, many shinny jewelries, and her silver lute and left the Underdark to the surface world. Learning that the Surface world has its own set of rules.

Zarra is a charismatic, elegant, graceful, sadistic, sarcastic, tough, and witty Half-Drow. She’s musically inclined, a talent she mastered with Elerra’s teaching. Most of the songs she writes and sings, are tied with her annoyance over a given situation or insulting foes. Zarra is always looking out for her best interest in every situation. She is always looking for an opportunity to gain something, whether it’s skill or riches.

Zarra had developed tough skin for the malice comments surrounding her lineage. Drows see her as human and a disgrace to the pure race. While, humans simply see her was a Drow. However, both races can’t deny her natural beauty. Something Zarra takes full advantage of.

Having been raised in Drow culture for most of her life, Zarra is sadistic by nature. She has no issue charming, backstabbing, and torturing, and downright murder to advance her goals.

A lover of the finer things life has to offer. Zarra’s love for collecting costumes and jewelry is endless. She’s actively put herself and the Divine Slayers endanger due to her greedy habits. But, it is music that puts the half-elf at ease.

After being in the surface world, Zarra has taken an interest in animals and nature. Yet, animals being her favorite with a preference to the giant types. Zarra has taken in Void the Raven and Abyss the Spider, Nix the direwolf and Shadow the Griffin. The Divine Slayers have requested for her to stop adding to her collection. Much to Zarra’s disappointment.

A struggle the Bard seems to always face is the idea of good and evil. She has faced a number of tough moral decisions since her journey. At time to protect her heart she would immediately disassociate from the conflict. Although, the guilt still eats at her.

Romance is a touchy subject with Zarra. Because Elerra was murdered by her own lover. Zarra is weary of love. However, her affectionate behavior towards Devil Pancake is too obvious to play off as anything else.

Dominco ‘Dom’ Tenuto: Zarra respects Dom’s authority over the party. At times, they play off the other as good cop/bad cop. Normally, if Dom’s suggestion isn’t followed than Zarra would chime in to sweeten the deal. Although, Zarra doesn’t compliment him often. Zarra does respect his dedication to the deity, Rao. Dom often lectures Zarra on her greed for gems. However, the Drow ignored his commentary on the subject matter.

Devil Pancake: A fellow half-elf, the two share a special bond. Partly, because they are both half-elves. The other being that, they have a habit of adopting creatures together. First it was, Kobort. Now after spending a dream in Quasqueton. The two saved a youngling Brass Dragon. Now the two have taken in Griffin eggs for their own. Pancake is the only party member that Zarra has actively risked her life for.

Uvogin: Being the only other neutral party member. Uvogin and Zarra both share a similar philosophy on life. Their greed compliments the other: Uvogin’s love of gold and Zarra’s love of gems. Zarra does view him as reckless. Uvogin’s wild behavior does cause the party to experience difficult battles frequently. The dwarf that loves his praises sung by Zarra. He also enjoys to reenact his victories at the Wretch Hen in a shared performance with the diva.

Lancet du Laird: Zarra appreciates Lancet for his strength and loyalty to the party. However, she is slightly disturbed over his obsession of his decreased twin brother, Godfrey. When Lancet was depressed over missing his attacks, Zarra did offer him some words of encouragement. It wasn’t until they spent a dream in Quasquetion that Zarra learned Lancet viewed her as a good friend. Zarra enjoys mocking the Paladin even at the most inappropriate moments. During Lancet’s last moments. Zarra simply stared at him. A sense of pity washed over her.

Murfles: Murfles became Zarra’s poison crafter. Although, Zarra had to bribe her to craft the second patch with a few pearls. Zarra views the Elf as an ally. The two bond the usage of poisons for Good. Zarra shows great excitement with Murfles and refuses to ever turn the Elf in.

Hessa: Originally Zarra was not too sure that Hessa would be qualified to join the party. She warned the Half-Elf that she would have to “pull her own weight”. After the ranger proved herself at the events at White Plume Mountain. Although Hessa is rather clumsy her shinning trait is her pure of heart. An aspect that Zarra greatly respects. It a little worried Hessa might have anger issues. However, enjoys teasing her about her numerous suitors.

Zarra Of House Aleanrret

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