Void the Raven

Human-Size Raven



  1. Stealing “Shiny things” (Trained)
  2. Letting Uvogin mount him (Trained)

During the first battle between the bandits and the party at the Temple of Elemental Evil. A massive raven standing six feet tall with a wing span of 12 feet killed Devil Pancake’s second familiar. Then had its sights on the magic user. Trying to protect Pancake. Zarra began to shot arrows the raven. Overhearing Uvogin shouting from the distance wanting to mounting it. Zarra suddenly remembered she could befriend animals. And just like that, the Raven was tamed halting its attack against the party.

After growing attached to the raven. Zarra decided to name it ‘Void’ after its ink black feathers. Seeing great value in keeping Void. Zarra taught the raven how to steal items and return them back to her. Now, suited in armor made specifically for him. Void has become a very useful ally in the open sky. Hopefully Uvogin doesn’t fall off his back.

Void the Raven

Common Year 579 DonjonMaster Eleganicahanaemi