Human, 10th Level Ranger

S 18/07
I 15
W 15
D 17
C 18
Ch 13
AC 0
Move 12
HP 100
#AT 3/2

Longsword +2, Chain mail +2


Famous hero, elder brother of Elmo, and undercover agent of the viscount of Verbobonc. He once operated out of the village of Nulb, where he ran the smithy (and kept an eye on the Temple of Elemental Evil). His trusted associates are the cleric Y’dey and Murfles the elf.

After the party defeated the elemental priests, Otis, Y’Dey, and Murfles moved their base of operations into the upper floors of the temple to hold it against further incursions of evil. However, there appears to be suspicious activity on the inaccessible lower floors.


Common Year 579 DonjonMaster DonjonMaster