Elf, 2nd Level Fighter/2nd Level Thief

S 15
I 9
W 11
D 18
C 15
Ch 14
AC 4
Move 12
HP 12
#AT 1

Longbow/short sword, Leather armor


Adventuring companion of the hero Otis and undercover agent of the viscount of Verbobonc. She had been tasked with watching the Temple of Elemental Evil from the herbalist’s in Nulb. After the fall of the elemental priests, she moved with Otis and the cleric Y’Dey to the upper floors of the temple.

She is the youngest daughter of Countess Tillahi. She had been imprisoned in Celene for compulsive thievery, but she escaped before the end of her sentence. Her mother does not know where she is or that she works for the viscount.


Common Year 579 DonjonMaster DonjonMaster