Dominco “Dom” Tenuto


Lawful Good – Level 4 Curate


Dominco “Dom” Tenuto was raised by the brothers and sisters of a Rao-focused monastery in Veluna to internalize the central pillars of Raoism: peace, reason, serenity, justice and mercy. Dom doesn’t know of any blood-relatives, as his mother died giving birth to him in the monastery when she took shelter from a storm. Despite questions from Dom to the monks, his mother left no clues to her identity, where she was traveling, or why she was traveling by herself.

Without anyone else his age in the monastery, Dom took to reading the multitude of history, philosophy, and math books within the library. Given his studious nature, Dom tends to be somewhat risk-adverse and is more likely to spend time pondering the consequences of different choices rather than making quick gut decisions.

Despite his studies, Dom struggles to believe that the world could possibly be as chaotic as described in his history books given monastery life is the only life he has ever known. He spent so long within the monastery that he little practical experience in dealing with the outside world.

Before he can be considered a full brother, Dom was encouraged to see the world for what is truly is, instead of what he has read about it. Leaving the walls of his monastery, he heads to Hommlet, eager to experience the world.

Dominco “Dom” Tenuto

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