Common Year 579

4. Kill them!

From 8 to 9 Coldeven, 579 CY

The evil power in the ruined moathouse put forth its strength in a final push. It began by summoning zombies in the night to bleed an already weakened party. Then robed zealots in the depths of the dungeon fought the companions relentlessly and would have rejoined the battle as ghouls, but for the party’s foresight to burn their corpses.

Devil Pancake sacrificed a spell from his scroll to incapacitate the champion of the yellow eye, who died at the party’s hands, while Dominco withstood the power of the cult’s leader, Lareth the Beautiful, and made the dark priest yield to Rao. The party took Lareth prisoner, and Uvogin brought him to the ogre Lubash, but Lareth commanded Lubash to attack. Lubash, compelled to serve his master, obeyed.

The party executed Lareth and slew Lubash.


DonjonMaster DonjonMaster

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