Common Year 579

12. The chattering skulls of Prefect Alrrem

5 Growfest, 579 CY

While the much-missed Zarra and her raven Void gained proficiency with the poisons that Murfles made, the rest of the party descended into the temple to seek out and destroy the final priest. This they did, after an encounter with werewolves, self-professed angelic beings, and six talkative skulls in the Temple of Fire.

The ceremonial robes of the fire-temple’s priest, whose name, the party learned, was Prefect Alrrem, enabled Father Dominco to converse with the skulls — and inadvertently summon the temple guardians after refusing to provide the required sacrifice. The subsequent fight with the guardian salamanders was not as difficult as prior encounters, perhaps because the Temple of Fire has been significantly weakened since the Battle of Emridy Meadows and the exile of Lareth the Beautiful.

Buried in the coals of the sacrifice pit was an intelligent magic sword. The sword tried to become the property of Uvogin, but the party wisely intervened, fearing that the sword would possess their companion.

While freeing prisoners, the party met Countess Tillahi of Celene and her military attache. They explained that they had been captured and sold to the temple as eventual human sacrifices by the slave lords of the Wild Coast, a whispered name of terror and half-believed rumors that bears further investigation.

The countess promised to reward the party handsomely for freeing her, and she also asked if they knew of the whereabouts of Murfles. Murfles is the countess’ youngest daughter, but she was imprisoned for habitual theft. Eventually she escaped, perhaps to join the circus, or perhaps to become an adventurer. Justice demands that she finish out her sentence, according to the laws of Celene.


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