Common Year 579

10. The old bugbear trick

From 28 Coldeven to 2 Growfest, 579

While searching for both the Temple of Water and the Temple of Fire, the party instead encountered the bugbear soldiers in the employ of the Temple of Air. Several skirmishes with these creatures led the party to Prefect Kelno, high priest of the Temple of Air. The party fought a desperate battle against him, which was ultimately successful.

The remnant of the air-temple’s bugbears fell prey to Father Dominco’s strategizing, while the increasingly effective teamwork of all the companions is enabling Zarra to strike with precision from the shadows.

The party returned to Hommlet to replenish supplies and learned that one of their new barmaids has been paying for Canon Terjon’s religious instruction with certain personal favors. Father Dominico called Terjon out and sent word to Velnua for an official investigation.

To help the villagers forget about the grisly murders that had occurred at the Wretched Hen, Zarra put on an exclusive performance, and Uvogin and Devil Pancake reenacted the party’s adventures.

Revitalized, the party set out once more for the Temple of Elemental Evil.


DonjonMaster DonjonMaster

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