Temple of Elemental Evil

Located just outside the village of Nulb, this temple is the seat of power for the resurgent cults of elemental evil.

Four cults are in operation, each belonging a different element, each striving for the ultimate mastery: the Temple of Earth, the Temple of Water, the Temple of Air, and the Temple of Fire.

Romag, the high priest of the Temple of Earth, has been slain; as has Kelno, the high priest of the Temple of Air; Canon Belsoming of the Temple of Water; and Prefect Alrrem of the Temple of Fire.

Lareth the Beautiful of the Tempe of Fire was slain as well, until agents of evil restored him to life. According to an under-priest of the Temple of Water, the branch of the fire-temple led by Lareth was a splinter group. Now — perhaps ironically, perhaps not — the only elemental priest to remain is Lareth.

The temple is also the prison of the demon Zuggtmoy. A sequence of four magical doors binds her there.

At least some residents of the lower levels of the temple appear to be worshipers of Lolth, the Demon Queen of Spiders.

Temple of Elemental Evil

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