Zarra Of House Aleanrret

Half-Elf (Drow) 4th Level Bard

S 15
I 12
W 15
D 17
C 15
Ch 18
AC 5
Move 12
HP 25
#AT 1

Bow and Arrows, Dagger +1, Dagger +3, Dagger +1 (Poison)


How Zarra even came to be is a mystery that only the Deities would be able to explain. Or just pure randomness, Zarra personally preferred that than the later. Born from lowly Low Blood Drow and a traveling human theft, Zarra was constantly reminded of her ‘disgusting’ heritage. Knowing that the very Goddess of her people hated her very life.

Growing up, the only Drow to ever showed Zarra any kind of kindness; was a female Drow named Elerra. It was Elerra that taught the young half-Drow how to sing and play the lute. Elerra would speak of ideals of kindness and love. Both talking about the familiar voice that spokes to them in their dreams. Then one day, Zarra learned of Elerra’s death in the hands of a Low Blood Male Drow. After all, Elerra displayed her back during sex. A sign of suicidal Drows. It was then when Zarra learned to never allow anyone to see her vulnerable.

At age thirteen, The Noble House Aleanrret took interested in the half-drow’s incline to music. Zarra was adopted and made to study music farther and entertain the nobility nightly. Zarra learned that gossiping, backstabbing both figuratively, and literally were normal in the higher noble court. Bloodshed is the only way to move up the social ladder into higher power. While living in House Aleanrret, Zarra learned she too shared a deep love for the finer things in life such as jewelry, and lush dresses similar to her father. In court known for her beauty, wit, clever, and melodic voice allowed her to create a few useful bonds with other members of the court. One must learn how to take advantage of all their situations.

Zarra knew at any moment House Aleanrret would grow bored of her. At age eighteen, Zarra packed a bag with clothes, her favorite dress, many shinny jewelries, and her silver lute and left the Underdark to the surface world. Learning that the Surface world has its own set of rules.

Zarra Of House Aleanrret

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