Common Year 579

8. Under new management

From 21 to 27 Coldeven, 579

The party fought bravely to rescue Goodwife Gundigoot, but the goodwife was already dead. She had been sacrificed in a terrible ritual to restore life to Larerth the Beautiful. But Father Dominco’s cleansing of the ruined moathouse prevented the ritual from completing in full, so that Lareth is now as hideous in appearance as he is depraved of soul. He has sworn to murder the false god Rao.

In the battle to escape the moathouse, Turuko, Zert, and the Trading Post merchants were slain, and Elmo’s militia was reinstalled. But when the party returned to the Inn of the Welcome Wench, Kobort murdered Ostler Gundigoot, the goodwife’s husband. Reluctant to slay Korbort, but knowing that it must be done, the party avenged the innkeeper and subsequently took up ownership of the inn. They renamed the Wretched Hen.

When the mayor appeared, asking difficult questions, Zarra bent her powers of persuasion upon him and put him entirely under her will. She also took Ostler’s seat on the Council of Elders.

The party returned to the Temple of Elemental Evil and found a number of captives. One of them, a gnome, tried to talk his way into the party, but Uvogin didn’t trust him and would have killed him preemptively if the party would have allowed it. The gnome fled, got lost in the maze of tunnels, died noisily by some zombies, rose again as a zombie himself, and was put to final rest by Uvogin’s axe.

The party also rescued three prisoners from the earth temple’s torturer. One of the prisoners admitted that he was a rapist, which led to Zarra exacting harsh — if fitting — retribution and instructing the party in the ways of the drow. The other two prisoners were aspiring prostitutes from Nulb. The party hired them to work at the Wretched Hen, but as serving maids, not as prostitutes, and Dominco introduced one of them to the Church of St. Cuthbert.

Pressing further into the temple, the party encountered Romag, High Priest of the Temple of Earth. Romag tried to bribe the party into murdering his rival, the High Priest of the Temple of Water. Uvogin beheaded him.


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