Common Year 579

7. Dust to dust

From 17 to 21 Coldeven, 579

The party found evidence of two cults operating in the Temple of Elemental Evil.

The first sacrifices living victims to the element of earth and appears to be the source of the ghasts and ghouls that the party has been fighting. The second, which worships the element of water, left a note for someone named Romag, commanding him to recognize the authority of the water temple or die horribly.

But the earth temple is not without power of its own, as Uvogin discovered to the near ruin of his friends. He tried to sacrifice himself on the altar of earth, hoping that it would open the bronze doors to hell, but it summoned an earth elemental instead. The party’s strength and ingenuity — and rope, and patience — were stretched to the limit to destroy the creature.

The party also rescued a group of humans who had been kidnapped by the earth temple’s ghouls. The party brought them safely to Hommlet and left them in the care of the Church of St. Cuthbert, but Hommlet was not as safe as anyone had hoped. While the party was away, the traitors Turuko, Zert, and the owners of the Trading Post captured Goodwife Gundigoot from the Inn of the Welcome Wench and dragged her bloody to the ruined moathouse, maybe alive, maybe dead.

The party converged on the moathouse, preparing for battle.


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