Common Year 579

6. That's why you bring a dwarf

From 15 to 17 Coldeven, 579 CY

When the annals of the great battles of the age are written, special mention will be made of the combat tactics employed by Father Dominco and the warrior-dwarf Uvogin to gain access to the Temple of Elemental Evil.

Bandits were found defending the outer wall and the courtyard surrounding the temple structure, although apparently they could not get inside the temple itself. Dominco, standing before the main gate, made himself an obvious target and withstood several volleys of crossbow bolts as the bandits struggled to lift the portcullis. They were so intent upon killing Dominco that they did not notice Uvogin, who scaled the wall with the aid of one of his hirelings. Uvogin cut down the guards on the wall with ease, then leapt to the courtyard and charged the remainder from behind. His brilliant surprise attack brought about a speedy surrender from the bandits, but no mercy was to be had from a newly hardened Father Dominco.

The party gained entry to the temple and the immense underground fortification beneath it, the full extent of which is not yet known, although some evidence has emerged that more than one cult might be operating there.

After an unexpectedly difficult battle with ghasts, the party decided to return to Hommlet and restock. While there, they met a sage named Master Finn, who had sought employment with Burne and Rufus. The party hired the sage instead, but not before negotiating a more favorable rate. According to Finn, and as verified by Otis, a sequence of four magical doors at the temple holds back a demon named Zuggtmoy. The party discovered one of these doors already, and they believe that they might have found two of the others.

With fresh supplies and healing potions, the party returned to the temple and prepared for another descent.


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