Common Year 579

3. When Uvogin met Lubash; and Devil makes pancakes (out of gnolls)

8 Coldeven, 579 CY

The party pressed further into the dungeon and crypt beneath the ruined moathouse. Treasures have been found, including magical items, but collecting them has come at a cost. Battles with ghouls, gnolls, and a giant lizard and crayfish have chipped away at the party’s strength.

Yet the group’s ingenuity is coming into its own. The party discovered a trap door in the ceiling and decided to pile up rubble beneath it, thus preventing the trap from cutting off their escape.

Then Uvogin befriended the ogre Lubash, speaking to him in his own tongue—and defusing a fight that would have surely been fatal. Whether Lubash will accompany the party after his masters, the “yellow eyes,” have been destroyed, as Uvogin has promised him, remains to be seen.

Likewise, when the party encountered a band of gnolls, Devil Pancake, speaking gnoll, convinced the creatures not to attack. The party played upon their greed and led them to Lubash, who devoured three of them, while the remnant scattered. But they regrouped and launched a sneak attack when the party was overrun in the chamber of the ghouls. Devil made his single spell count by using it to slay the gnoll leader. Terrified, the gnolls threw down their arms, which freed the rest of the party to press hard against the ghouls.

In all the party’s successes so far, Dominco has played a vital role. His steady moral guidance has served his teammates well.


DonjonMaster DonjonMaster

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