Common Year 579

17. Wand of fireballs R.I.P.

From 23 to 24 Planting, 579 CY

The party took a meal of nutritious food courtesy of Zarra’s djinn and went to sleep on the floor of the dungeon. When they awoke, they found that Father Dominco and Lancet du Laird had somehow rejoined them at some point in the night, despite having been hundreds of miles away in Veluna. Perhaps the god Rao, sensing the party’s danger, had moved his disciples to where they needed to be.

Dom took possession of the hammer Whelm, and then the party turned their attention to the flooded rooms. They discovered a giant in charge of a pump and convinced him to lower the water, which enabled them to find a key to a huge locked door. Behind the door was a whale-sized crab, the guardian of the trident Wave. The party fought the crab to the death and took the trident, although the weapon would not bind itself to anyone who did not instantly convert to the worship of the sea-god. No one in the party was willing to do so, so the weapon remains unclaimed (but in the party’s keeping).

On the quest for the last legendary weapon, the sword Blackrazor, the party moved through a sequence of rooms of an increasingly surreal — and dangerous — character.

In one of these rooms, during combat, Devil Pancake exhausted his wand of fireballs, and he took a moment in the heat of the battle to say his goodbyes to his favored friend. He also possesses a wand of lightning, and he has recently acquired a wand of frost, but none of them say “Devil Pancake just owned you” quite like a wand of fireballs. Maybe another will turn up someday.

The quest for Blackrazor has seemingly ended in the lair of an ogre mage, but while the monster is dead, the sword is still nowhere to be seen.

Neither is Keraptis.


DonjonMaster DonjonMaster

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