Common Year 579

16. Along came a ranger

From 21 to 23 Planting, 579 CY

After arriving in Ringland, the party sought lodging in the Inn of the Shriveled Mushroom. There they met the half-elf ranger Hessa, who was also traveling to White Plume Mountain for reasons that she did not reveal. She had been trying to recruit adventurers for the journey, but no one in Ringland was willing to go. Zarra and Hessa saw something formidable in each other, so, with Devil Pancake’s assent, the ranger became the newest member of the party.

Hessa’s wilderness skills proved invaluable in locating the entrance to Keraptis’ lair near the base of White Plume Mountain. Navigating the lair was another matter. It was stocked with not just creatures and traps but also puzzles and tests of intelligence and character. Devil Pancake acquitted himself admirably in solving these and, as a reward, gained the service of one of Keraptis’ flesh golems.

The party acquired the hammer Whelm after a very difficult battle with a vampire. A series of flooded chambers with kelpie guardians might seem to point the way to the trident Wave, but if there is a way to lower the water, it has not yet been found.


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