Common Year 579

11. When the elephant in the room is a kraken

From 2 to 5 Growfest, 579 CY

Canon Belsoming, evil high priest of the Temple of Water, is dead. His under-priest is dead. His other under-priest is now Zarra’s puppet. The Temple of Elemental Evil is falling.

And yet… and yet…

The party faced several difficult battles against one horrible monster after another, including a juggernaut and some drelb guardians, not to mention a kraken, from which the party fled. But is the kraken plotting with cold intelligence for a second encounter with the monster slayers, from which there will be no escape? It seems to possess strange powers of mind and a body made entirely of water. The water-temple worshipped it as a god. How can weapons hope to prevail?

And the Temple of Fire has yet to be found…


DonjonMaster DonjonMaster

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