Common Year 579

1. His name was Godfrey...and he was my brother!

From 5 to 7 Coldeven, 579 CY

After surviving an ambush by goblins and an assassin named Zarbo, the Raoist acolyte Dominco (Dom) Tenuto and the dwarvish scrapper Uvogin (Gin to his friends) arrived in the village of Hommlet.

Dominco had been tasked to deliver a shipment of medicine and six casks of wine, as well as a note from the ruler of Veluna, to Canon Terjon at the Church of St. Cuthbert. With him went Godfrey and Lancet du Laird, twin brothers and templars of Rao. Zarbo had been hired to murder them all before they reached this destination. He might have succeeded but for Uvogin, who burst fighting mad out of one of the wine barrels. Apparently the dwarf had been turned to stone and delivered to Zarbo for transport south, but the spell wore off just as the goblins attacked—suspicious timing, and unexplained. By battle’s end, Godfrey was slain, but Lancet lived on to avenge his name.

In Hommlet, the companions formed an adventuring party to explore a ruined moathouse not far from the town. Rumor has it that the moathouse was once the outpost of a cult, perhaps related to the spider cult that Zarbo might have been mixed up with.


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